Konrad Jarosinski

Front-End Developer
Glasgow, United Kingdom


I'm Konrad, and I'm a passionate web developer who enjoys building digital things.

Mostly, I work with JavaScript (ES6, React.js, Redux), but I also have experience in few back-end languages and frameworks, such as PHP (Symfony, Wordpress) and Golang.

My work


Typitap is an online type racing game where players from around the world compete with each other by typing texts from the screen.

Tech stack: Golang React.js Redux Redis RethinkDB Websockets SCSS Webpack


Mailileo is a platform where users find digital pen-friends and securely exchange e-mails via disposable aliases.

Tech Stack: PHP Symfony jQuery MySQL Bootstrap SCSS


Messpace is an on-line post-it notes web application which allows people to add their own notes for the world to see and respond.

Tech Stack: PHP Symfony jQuery MySQL Bootstrap SCSS Websockets

River Town

Initially built as a dissertiation project, but ended up being greenlited by the Steam Community. River Town is a farming role-play game with a countless of features: seeding plants, taking care of animals, making friendships and affair and a lot more.

The project has been postponed due to insufficient funding.

Tech Stack: Unity3D C# UnityScript 3D Blender


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